Monday, July 15, 2019

Our planet Earth is the only planet like itself in the universe. It has life, water, atmosphere and stability like no other planet in the universe. We have found many Earth-like planets revolving around stars but they didn’t have the stability needed to sustain life. Our solar system was created by a big bang explosion, an explosion which created this planetary arrangement. Every twists and turn in the story of Earth has shaped it like this. Jupiter is the planet that has protected us from meteors and other outer bodies with its gravitational forces. Our moon also plays an important role in stabilizing Earth’s rotation its axis. We are living on this lucky planet Earth. We are not so far from the sun so that life freezes and not too near to get burned.   

Earth has its core-driven magnetic field which can hold up our atmosphere protecting us from outer space bodies and giving us life-supporting air. Earth is 4.5 billion years old. There are right now 8.7 million species on Earth and we humans are one of them. Homo sapiens mean we have been evolved from monkey species for over millions of years. Homo sapiens mean wise man. But here is the contradictory part; wise species can’t destroy their own planet. Mankind is about 140,000 years old.

If we consider the life of Earth as 24 hours, we are here for only 3 seconds. If we put the age on mankind in perspective, considering age on mankind as 10 minutes, the industrial revolution just happened 1 second ago. In 1 second we have emitted an uncontrollable amount of pollutants in the air and thrown over 4 trillion pieces of plastics on Earth. In 1 second, we haven’t considered thinking wisely because wisdom always believes in sustainable progress.

With our intelligence, we have built large cities, we have been to the moon and live in earth orbits, we have created intelligent robots that can do complex things, and we have created plastics. Plastic was created for the good of the environment but now it is spoiling it.

In one second, we have shown our intelligence but not wisdom. In one second we have affected each and every other species on Earth who are living here longer than us. We are bringing hundreds of species on the brink of extinction. This can’t be wisdom.

In one second, we have disturbed the food chains and stability of oceans. In one second, we have increased the temperatures all over. In one second, we have polluted almost all air particles in Earth’s atmosphere. In one second, we have changed courses of almost all rivers on Earth.

In one second, we have changed this planet with our intelligence. Now it’s our time to change!

I have written a book name 'One Second' on plastic pollution.
One Second: One Second of intelligence but not wisdom by [Patel, Darshil]
 Do read it and also let me know in the comments how you like it. Explore in this book how we are affecting the planet with one of our greatest invention ever, plastic.

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