Sunday, May 12, 2019

Happy mother's day to every mother on Earth. Mother's day is a celebration honouring the mothers of the family, it is the day to celebrate motherhood. Today is mother's day however in different places, this day is celebrated on different dates but mostly today 12 May. 

Being a mother is no small deal. Mother's day was intentionally created by Jarvis as in one mom. There's a singular "Mother". But wait, we are forgetting the mother we have in common "Mother Earth". Mother nature or mother Earth is a personification of Earth that focuses on the life-giving and nurturing aspects of Earth by embodying it as a mother do. 

Mother Earth is a common mother which also shows the interdependence of nations and interdependence of all species on Earth. 

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We also know our Earth as Home planet. But I think there is very much wrong with that. You can sell your home but not your parents. Speaking of this as our planet as home, how much is our home worth? There is a formula by which you can calculate the price of every astronomical body. But we are not talking about every other planet, we are talking about our planet and so far it is the costliest of all because of life-giving materials, resources and everything else it provides. According to an answer on Reddit, the price of Earth is $15,809,800,000,000,000,000,000 or $15.8 sextillion. He estimated this by resources that are available in the core and surface of Earth.

Human bodies are also very pricy. If you calculate the price of elements that your body consist of, it could worth 2000$. 

So it is for sure we are not gonna sell this planet for now and so Mother Earth is a good fit. But as usual, my focus will go towards one of the very problems that our mother is facing and that is we all know Global Warming. 

Global Warming and climate change are affecting each and every species here on Earth. Pollution means degradation of our Mother's surface and doesn't look cool and because of that, the price of Earth might fall down. Jokes apart, plastic pollution is also a rising threat. Not a single square kilometre of Earth's ocean is free from plastic. How horrific is this?

But there's a way we can stop this and the easiest way everyone can do it by going zero waste. There are 7.5 billion people on Earth and imagine a few millions of them going zero waste and that means a decrease in plastic waste and plastic production by a great number. 

So, go green and Happy mother's day!

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