Monday, April 29, 2019

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Plastic recycling is the process of converting waste plastic into materials that can produce useful products. Since plastic is not biodegradable, recycling is an effort that is used to reduce plastic in landfills or waste streams. There's a lot of plastic on Earth. Almost 90% of the waste collected is plastic. And so recycled plastic gives birth to new products. This helps the plastic industry as well as in making the environment cleaner. Recycling of plastic reduces the landfill space and makes room for our new daily trash. Plastic recycling also helps petroleum and others help us saving petroleum and other natural resources. Thus this process conserves energy and natural resources.

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Plastic recycling is but a challenging task because of low density. There are various obstacles in this process. The process includes many different stages. First of all, before recycling, plastic is sorted according to its types and make. Then the sorted plastic is washed because there are many impurities on it. Also, there are labels on it which need to be removed. Then washed plastic is shredded by shredders and they are teared up in small pellets. Then comes extruding, here shredded plastic is melted and is then ready to be recycled.

Plastic recycling is done by various methods and the most popular is heat compression. This method has the ability to recycle almost all types of plastic. Here all types of plastic are mixed with cleaned plastic waste in huge tumblers. Another method is a monomer. Here, plastic is purified and cleaned to create a new polymer. This method can overcome major challenges in plastic recycling.

So far what we have understood about plastic recycling is the bright side of this effort but where there is plastic, there is always pollution and toxication. Each piece of plastic recycled offers pollution and threat to the environment. In the process of melting down, plastic produces harmful and toxic fumes that can harm plants and animals near the recycling plant. For melting, heat is needed which also generates carbon and thus adds to global warming. The fumes from plant and can lead to many health problems for workers and many other people around the plant. Another disadvantage of plastic recycling is that once the piece of plastic is recycled, it is unfit for further recycling. Thus that ultimately ends up in landfills. Also, not all types of plastic can be recycled because many impurities are added to some plastic according to applications.

Plastic recycling promotes proper utilization of plastic waste and also have the vision to conserve the environment but it is not the complete truth. Maybe its time to rethink regarding the process. Reusing is far more energy saving and overall a better solution to plastic pollution and it should be heavily promoted.

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