Tuesday, January 1, 2019

2018, a fantastic year for global climate change experts and scientists as the bell has been rung and if anyone asks them "is this climate change?" They can very confidently answer "Yes, it is!". We experienced major disasters and climate change events in 2018 which are sirens to us that our kingdom is going to fall soon. This is typically a good news, this is the only way public is going to take climate change seriously. "Venice is going underwater!" This is not going to have an impact on people, floods in India and Bangladesh, not gonna work. Tsunami? Yeah now we need that big slap on our face to wake up. This is what it takes to make people understand about their own world that it is dying and that kind of attention is obviously bad stuff and we should be ashamed that alarms are ringing and we are just snoozing it.

Climate change has obviously changed weathers of almost all places on earth in 2018. Many people thought that it is wrong to use weather as evidence of climate change. But we shall not forget that it's weather that affects us, we feel it and live with it.

Well its not at all difficult to notice climate change and if I describe some of the events , I will be just filling up lines and so here is a quick glance at some of them:

  • Flooding in Japan
  • Heat waves
  • Typhoon (Super Typhoon) at Philippines
  • Wildfires at many places
  •  Hurricanes at USA
  • Flooding in India
Now what should an individual do about this? We all know what we can do and it's not a big job or like dying or killing for this. You just have to control yourself from being a polluting guy. Everyone knows it how.

So what will the conditions be in 2019?
2019 is going to be far more noisy if we do not control increasingly man made particles in the air. USA's federal policy is making companies easier to pollute according to The New York Times. The corrupted officials who just want to make money never gonaa stop and thus no doubt 2019 is also going to be a bumpy ride and prepare yourself for an apocalypse in some decades if things are not gonna change.

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