Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Concentrated solar power is the setup which has been used to produce electricity since 1980s. Normally we come across the word concentrated solar power plant. This plant produces electricity which can meet the energy goals of a village which has nearly 20 – 30 KW consumption and also a grid system of approximately 100 Mega Watts.

Concentrated solar power plant use mirrors to focus the sunlight and then, the sunlight are converted to heat energy. The other half portion of the plant converts this heat energy into electrical energy. Normally water is heated using focused mirrors and so it converts it into steam. After this, the steam is converted into electrical energy via steam generators.

There are mainly three technologies or setup for concentrated solar power plant.
1. Through system
2.  Power tower system
3. Dish system

Through system:
Here, parabolic shaped reflectors reflect sunlight on a receiver. The fluid is flowing through pipes and the temperature is increased to around 390 degree Celsius and then the electricity is produced in a stem generator.

Power tower system:
Here, mirrors are focused on a receiver which is located on top of a tower. It is same as boiler on top of the tower and the steam generator then generates electricity from the steam.

Dish system:
In this method, we use mirrors in the shape of our backyard satellite dish. But size of these dishes in plant is 10 – 12 times larger than satellite dish. Receiver is located in middle and it is heated same as in other system to produce steam. Them, steam is processed and converted into electricity via steam generators.
Advantages of concentrated solar power plants:
  • There are various environmental benefits. The emission of NOx is reduced. Thus, it is highly beneficial to environment and being non polluting.
  • It generates more job opportunities.
  • It is highly efficient than solar photo voltaic cells.
  • We can use waste water or polluted water in the system and so it can be reused to produce electricity.
Disadvantages of concentrated solar power plants:
  • It holds one disadvantage that the techniques are very costly to come into global market.
Future of concentrated solar power:
The future looks bright for Concentrated Solar Power. New technology is helping to reduce costs and enabling CSP plants to generate electricalpower 24 hours per day.
Thus, so far we have seen what concentrated solar power is and what CSP plants are and also we have seen some methods and setup of CSP plants with their advantages and disadvantages.

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