Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Solar cells are getting cheaper everyday and we are getting them in new avatars, new shapes and they are becoming more efficient. Here we are talking about solar roads; it is a modular system of specially engineer solar panels that can be walked and drive upon.
'Solar roadway' is a company vision mission is to replace all concrete roads with solar Roadways. Concept gained extreme popularity and they funded 2 million dollars on Indiegogo. According to solar Roadways, if this is immediately implemented, commercially produced solar energy can cut the burning of fossil fuels and can decrease greenhouse emission. Also a single Mile Solar panel’s road can power 428 homes according to them.
According to solar Roadways, the panels contain LED lights to create lines and Signage without Paints, contain heating elements to prevent snow accumulation and solar panels are also intelligent. Moreover they have some more features moreover they have some more features:
  • Provides parking
  • Provides traction
  • Doesn't Softened at high temperatures
  • Can protect animals
  • Modular for faster maintenance
  • Aesthetic benefits
  • Has ROI
  • Can change EV's with Clean Energy
  • Water can be stored treated and moved
  • Provides a home for cables and wires
  • Can provide emergency warning system
  • Expandable Technology

Idea and concept a very brilliant but some solar experts also name it as 'oddly popular idea'.
Developed the Solar Road they will need a huge investment and every investor would wonder how well do the solar panels take up when reality crashes into concept. The cost of powering US in 2011 was 14 trillion USD but investment needed for solar Roadways to replace all concrete roads is 34 trillion USD so far. That's the magic figure and use investment for just the concept that is not proven and also department of energy give solar Roadways 100000 dollar for making a prototype.
Meanwhile China has developed their 1 km long solar highway in Shangdon province. The engineers of this project clean it's enough to generate about 1 giga watt of energy. This solar road is an example why we should not go towards solar Roadways in future.
The cost of solar panel roads per square meter is $458 and so of concrete is $5, seems for more costly. This kilometer long Highway is 2.7 dollar million project. it can roughly power 90-94 US homes annually. The cost of annual electricity for 92-94 homes is 1350 dollars to 125,000 dollars. So absolutely it is not at all cost effective from any angle.
Also let's talk about their efficiency. They are not at all efficient, cars itself are a big obstacle for light and also image in a traffic jam situation in China that last all day on highway, it can hardly generate electricity power the street lights in these situations.
Solar roads are concept which has to prove that efficiency and cost effectiveness.

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