Wednesday, December 12, 2018

All petrol and diesel cars have a generator battery charger 12 volt battery. That have been many questions related to electric car like can we add generator to the wheels, adding a windmill on car for adding the solar panel on top of the car. But these methods are actually not efficient. For most of the cases describe really don't know how to build a perpetual motion. But what about solar power car? Let's check it out!
Solar panels are now available in many shapes and size. They are flexible, lighter and easy to use. Earlier mounting of solar panel on car was not a good idea because of rigid Silicon cells. But now flexible solar films are available made up of cadmium telluride. Solar powered electric cars can get a height for fighting air pollution and now car manufacturers are on the verge of giving them an even better opportunity.
Two of the startups are planning to offer electric vehicles that generate their own electricity on the go from built-in solar panels. Sono Motors is one of the startup. Here are some good features of Sono's model Sion.

The solar cells, integrated into the car’s body, allow for the Sion to easily charge its battery by itself throughout the day, using the sun’s light. This in turn means that up to 30 kilometers’ additional range can be generated per day in Germany through solar energy – very easily and completely free of charge. The battery has a range of 250 kilometers (255 kilometers under the WLTP standard) with a capacity of 35 kWh. We use highly efficient, monocrystalline silicon cells for the solar modules. A total of 330 cells can generate a maximum power of 1,204 watts with 24 percent efficiency. The modules are attached to a substructure, similar to how a normal windshield works. That means you can also swap the modules easily and without a problem.The Sion can draw and store energy and, moreover, share it too. A regular, household electrical plug (SchuKo) can be used to power all common electronic devices up to 3.7 kW. The Sion can deliver even more power when using a Type 2 plug. You will then be able to power other electric cars and heavy duty devices with up to 11 kW. Combined with viSono, the Sion can be your power plant on wheels.
So we have seen solar panels on the car. Sion has the solar panels arranged in Aerodynamic pattern and not disturbing motion of the car. This technique is far more better than just mounting solar panel on the top of the car. But the car is not actually independent because of solar panels. It needs charging stations. Also we have seen how far it can go without charging.
Does solar powered electric vehicles can be a good vehicle to go for shorter distance but for highways we might not consider it as a better option.

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