Friday, December 14, 2018

Self tracking solar panels are the solar panels which change the position of solar panel according to sun. Generally, a device called solar tracker is used in solar panel. A solar tracker is a device that orients solar panel towards the sun. These self tracking solar panels are gaining popularity. When the self tracking solar panels are compared with general solar panels, self tracking panels generate 10% - 25% more electricity.

Thus solar tracker maximizes your solar system's capacity of electricity production by moving panels to follow the sun throughout the day.

Solar trackers are of two types:

1. Single axis tracker: It  moves your panels on one axis of movement, usually aligned with north and south. These setups allow your panels to arc from east to west and track the sun as it rises and sets.

2. Dual axis tracker: It allows your panels to move on two axes, aligned both north-south and an east-west. This type of system is designed to maximize your solar energy collection throughout the year. It can track seasonal variations in the height of the sun in addition to normal daily motion.


  • They increase the generation of electricity by 10% to 25% depending on location.
  • Solar trackers don't require extra space.
  • They are offered in various types so that solar panels can be perfect fit for installation size, weather and degree of latitude.
  • Solar trackers are slightly expensive.
  • More maintenance is required than general stationary solar panels.
  • Trackers have complex mechanism and additional wiring must be done.
  • Moist weather and snow might damage solar tracking solar panels.

Thus, self tracking solar panels can be very efficient option for commercial solar plant or commercial industry but for home owners solar tracker is one of the accessory and prices of solar tracker is also high. 

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