Monday, December 17, 2018

A solar panel that can generate electricity from falling raindrops has been invented and so we may see all weather solar panels that work in cloudy weather and also at night if rain in pouring.

Solar industry is booming and nowadays, solar panels are available in many different shapes and sizes. Solar panels have become far more lightweight and also becoming flexible. Some of them have aesthetic appearance. The solar panels are also no doubt becoming more and more efficient. But scientists and engineers are always looking for ways to make solar panels more efficient and less expensive.

Hybrid solar panel is the other innovation that can take the solar panels near to all weather solar panels.

The hybrid solar panels consists of silicon solar cell and triboelectric generator (TENG) which converts the mechanical energy of falling raindrops into electricity. The applications of triboelectric generator (TENG) is generating power from walking or any other motion like running or typing. But, here it is used in nano scale and thus also known as triboelectric nano generator. 

Thus, by attaching a nano generator to silicon solar cell, a hybrid solar panel is prepared which can convert mechanical energy of falling raindrops into electricity.

It might take time to break in the commercial market. Researchers are working on building a prototype that can power in some of the practical applications. And overall, it is a great concept and also it is viable but we can't say about efficiency yet. 

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