Tuesday, December 18, 2018

In some places like Beijing, it is very hard to see the sun sometimes. On the other hand China's solar industry is also booming and same is the case with New Delhi, India. The air pollution of New Delhi is becoming a serious health issue. Delhi is enveloped by a thick layer of polluting cloud every year. Air pollution is a threat for residents obviously. Lung cancer, heart diseases, brain damage, decrease in fertility rates are the long term effects of air pollution. But air pollution not only harms animals and plants, but it also deducts the power generation capacity of solar panels.

Yes, you read it right! Air pollution reduces the production of electricity from solar panels. But how? The total sunlight reaching to the ground is reduced by one ninth in New Delhi. You might have understood the reason of air pollution in obstructing sunlight. The man made suspended particles obstruct more sunlight than any other natural objects. Also the liquid suspended particles are sticky and they sticks to solar panel obstructing the sunlight to solar cell and according to one of the author of leading paper, the cleaning (wiping) of solar panels higher the risk of damaging them.

But how much reduction is done by air pollution?

Air pollution in Delhi reduced the power generation capacity of solar panels by 12% a year. Data was recorded in 2016 - 2017. This 12% seems a less but 12% a year is larger than the profit margins of some of the solar installations. Whenever you are planning to set up a solar plant, take the air pollution into consideration otherwise you can get a wrong estimate of your return on investment.

Thus, air pollution is definitely affecting efficiency of solar panels and in all way air pollution is harmful to almost everything on Earth.

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